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Relationship rollup to the R360.

  • 12 November 2019
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Posting on behalf of customer. Currently the R360 doesn’t support rollup of R360 information or account information. In the future it would be nice to have this ability if you’re looking to have information from the account or relationship at the R360 level for visibility.



3 replies

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Hi Andrew - if data from the Customer level was needed at the Relationship level, couldn’t you just add this record to the Relationship object and display it that way? Displaying Customer level data at the Relationship level without this custom field can create problems with permissions, as one of the use cases for Relationships involves allowing certain teams or partners to access the Relationship level data, but preventing them from seeing Customer level data.

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Hi @andrew_biehle, can you please elaborate? Providing few use-cases could be extremely helpful. 

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@andrew_biehle hope you are doing well! Did you get a chance to view comments posted by @muralikrishnagopu ?