[Posting on Behalf of Customer]- Calculation of True NPS ( C360 Widget) based on Response Date

  • 14 August 2019
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Currently, The True NPS Score is calculated based on the date when the Survey was published date. This could create a confusion as there are certain times it pulls in Published date from a year ago which then gives the wrong results on the NPS rating for an Account. If the same is calculated based on the response date of the Participants( maybe the earliest response)- it might draw a clearer picture of the same.

3 replies

For a little added context here, I had to import a few older surveys into 2.0 which means they have a recent published date and are being pulled into the C360 widget calculations and giving very unpredictable and inaccurate scores.

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@prithvi_vihari Currently this is not in our road-map and lets see how does other customers react to this.

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