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Please add Rounding in Bionic Rules Formula Fields

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I would like to see Round, RoundUp, and RoundDown functions available in the operators in Bionic Rules Formula Fields, and also be able to apply these functions to numeric results of calculations with dates. I have a system wherein contracts are listed as multiple contiguous years, i.e.
Start Date: August 1 2012
End Date: August 1, 2018
I need to know the most recent anniversary of the account in order to know how far along they should be in an annual client lifecycle and trigger events based on that timeframe. This is far preferable to adding an OR function for every possible year increment up to our contract max length (up to 20 years). In this example the correct result of a function to calculate the most recent anniversary is August 1, 2017. The best way that I have come up with to get the correct result involves rounding down:

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If I am reading you correctly, you are trying to add "n" to the yyyy (four digit year) value. 

If so, then ya I wish there was an easier way to do this. Milestones would be much simpler. I would also be able to trigger annual surveys much more easily as well.
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Hi @steven_doty 

Yes, giving a Round() functions in rules would be a nice idea.

If you don’t mind can you, please provide your use-case with an example of what you are trying to achieve using rules.  What’s your input data and what type of Output you are expecting.

So that we can provide you an alternative way or workaround.