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Need email notification for Timeline comments for any thread I've commented on, regardless of @ mention

  • 23 August 2019
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Recently, I commented on a Timeline entry of a colleague because I needed more information. My colleague wrote the original entry, so she got an email notification. When she replied in a new comment in the thread, she did not @ mention me, so I never knew that she responded and just happened to see her response a week after the fact.

I'd like to see our Timeline thread notifications' behavior mirror Slack, where a user gets notified of each comment that occurs after they post in a thread, regardless of whether they are @ mentioned or not.

5 replies

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Completely agree, just couple of days back we also had same thought of sending notification to user on threaded comment and how can user control threaded notification preference. We have added this in our road map and will be added in product in future releas.

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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of v6.8 release(Nov). Users will now receive notifications for the following timeline activity events:

  • If another user comments on their activity post.
  • If they are tagged in another user’s comment.

You can find the relevant information in our v6.8 Release Notes.
This feature is only implemented in NXT version.

Thanks for posting!

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@rakesh_lingala @lila_meyer This is marked as implemented but shouldn’t be. What I’m looking for is a notification even if I’m not @ mentioned, similar to how Slack functions. So if I comment on my colleague’s timeline post, and she follows up with another comment but neglects to @ mention me, I still want an email telling me that. Right now, that doesn’t happen.

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Gotcha @spencer_engel I’ve kicked this back to no status for now.

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This is on the roadmap and we will try to implement this in Q3.