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  • 23 September 2015
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Why is it that I can use the Rules Engine to update any Salesforce object [i]except the Gainsight ones?

It's OK for me to use a rule to change an Opportunity, but not to load to the Gainsight survey table?

All objects are created equal! Cast your vote for the freedom to load! 🙂

9 replies

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I hear ya, Jeff.  And I appreciate the petition drive 🙂  Of course, to us not all objects are created equal 🙂   The reason we don't expose our objects in the 'write to any object' action is that, while the object interface is Salesforce's API, it is our implementation.  Following good software practice we want to access our implementation via APIs so we have the ability to improve the implementation without breaking other parts of the system.  So the Rules Engine accesses Gainsight objects via internal Gainsight APIs.  If there are Gainsight things that you want to change via the Rules Engine and can't currently, let us know and we can work to add that option directly.
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Surveys and CoPilot are the two areas that we would need to write to in order to pull in surveys and 1:many communications that are done outside of Gainsight. 

for us it would be very helpful to add data to the Gainsight Objekt (NPS Survey Responses) by bionic rules.

We collect NPS data in our tool (not in Gainsight) and it is to much manuel effort to transform the data in Excel (every time) and upload it afterwords.

I hope that Gainsight will find a way to make this happen.

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Thanks for the post.  I totally agree that it will he a big deal to be able to bring NPS data into Gainsight and have it be treated as domain data rather than just custom data.  Rather than open the general data objects to rules engine, we are working on a specific interface to Survey for this purpose.  Note that this will be specific for our new Survey 2.0 module. 

is there any update to this post?

Will it be possible to add, update NPS data at the Gainsight objects in Salesforce?
Or will it be possible to sync NPS data between NPS 1.0 or NPS 2.0?
Or is NPS 1.0 totally useless if I have to update the data with rules frequently?

I hope someone of you can fix this confusion in my head :)


We can now load external NPS to 2.0 and can export data from 1.0 to 2.0. https://support.gainsight.com/Surveys/Surveys_2.0/Import_Third_Party_NPS_Responses_to_Survey_2.0



Thanks for Posting!

Hey Piyush,

Please correct if I'm wrong, but believe its still not possible to load to NPS table through GS rules as the original post asks for?

Any updates on timeline for this?


Concur with Devin. I still don't think this solves the issue of clients that have external NPS data and want to load it into GS.

However, I know there is a lot that go into our backend side of our NPS/survey modules and it will be difficult to get everything to line up with an external survey.

Creating specific surveys, participants, contacts, etc to name a few.

Perhaps a more of a lite version would be good. Where we can just load NPS response, particpent name, and maybe comment in an automated fasion to a standard/bucket survey labeld as external.

@karl_rumelhart Currently looking for the option to load to CSTasks directly. We're implementing a round robin process and need to update the CSTask assignee to match the CTA owner.