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  • 15 September 2020
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It would be great to have the ability to select various “things” in Gainsight (a recent timeline entry, a report widget, a usage chart, etc.) and put together an “Executive Highlights” report (something that would go straight into HTML body of email). This way we can distribute key “things” which people around the organization should be aware of without them having to go into product and find these nuggets of information on their own. 

7 replies

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Hi @jlicciardello,

How about using dashboard for the same purpose? We are working on brining a lot of other charts and views from other applications into dashboards in addition to plain reports. 

Dashboards itself is being enhanced with Share permission - which means you can share dashboard as a live link on a schedule (Every Monday morning) to distribute key insights with any Full+Viewer license users. 


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Hi @rakesh - This will be a welcome enhancement because the current publish report to PPT is a bit clunky. 


However, dashboards can be static and it takes time to dig through data to find the interesting nuggets of information. For a senior exec, they just want to be shown the relevant piece of information without having to dig for it themselves - this requires *human* curation (like a investigative journalist - combing through the data to find the relevant narrative). So the ability to periodically have a curator of information (timeline entries, particular customer usage graphs, other miscellaneous reports/widgets, etc.) and then quickly bring these into either a dashboard or email report of some kind would give an executive the quick and easy summary the would like. 

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@rakesh I’m very interested in the scheduled dashboard send, that’s awesome!

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@rakesh Is there the possibility to overlay contextual commentary on these dashboards? E.g. we pull in a specific report and either underneath or next to it we can add a box of color commentary to supplement the chart/data? 

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@jlicciardello  This sounds like a great idea. Can you share an example of overall flow?


Currently, CSM’s/End user’s cannot add contextual commentary. Admins can add it while creating the dashboard. Will that suffice? 



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@rakesh Yes just for admins to do so would suffice. I have in mind curating (like I said *human* curation) a monthly report which pulls out key information (a particular customer adoption scorecard, a particular survey response, a particular user growth graph, etc.) along with rollup reports of all of the same type of stuff so that the reports stay fresh and interesting with anecdotal examples of things which are indicative of broader trends. 

I think from a workflow perspective it would be as simple as adding option in report builder to add a “Text report” which is simply a text box (with all the text editing features) which can then be dragged into the dashboard so we can even add sections headers (e.g. “Monthly customer feature section”), and text boxes underneath particular reports (e.g. “As you can see from the above user growth graph of customer XYZ, the recent feature release of Product X has meaningfully impacted user adoption”). 


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Also - allow it to support photos/gifs - to make it fun :yum: