Increase the space when viewing an excel preview of a report

  • 15 November 2019
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Current State: Prior to exporting a report, the real estate space to view the columns of information in preview to be exported is very small. Often times there may also be multiple columns requiring the ability to scroll to the right or the left. 


Request: Simply add a “maximize” button for each report so that you can blow up the report to full page view.


Value/Use Cases: This can be helpful for multiple situations- when doing a new hire training on a report, demonstrating a report for a leader or a team for discussion (this view is not ideal for presenting). It will also benefit any users accessibility and manipulation of the report columns.  


Challenges: Often times when showcasing data you must move columns that you want users to see immediately all the way to the left, due to the need to scroll (Example: plan name, description, action items). 

Request 2: By adding an expand button, the row’s will also have more real estate. As you can see viewing the details in action items and plan description is scrunched. 



1 reply

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Hi @shiela_kern 

Thanks for posting valuable feedback. We are considering this for the redesign of reporting.