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Increase limits in Scorecard Exceptions

  • 15 September 2020
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I'm sure there's been several topics on this already, but I couldn't find an idea on this specifically that was currently in an open status (not sure if I missed it). I'm requesting to increase the number of criteria and exception rules allowed in Scorecard Exceptions.


Currently, each exception rule can only have 3 criteria. In addition, there can only be 5 exceptions (per Measure Group or Overall Score).


This is definitely a limitation for customers who have a lot of scorecard measures. In our use case, we want to change the logic of the scorecard to work as follows:  if any measures are red, the overall health is red. If any measures are yellow, the overall health score is yellow. Otherwise, the overall health score is green.


We only have 7 measures on our scorecard (see Figure 1 below).

                                                       Figure 1: current scorecard landscape


However, despite having less than 10 measures, when I tried to write the exception criteria for our use case, I ran out of both criteria and exceptions.


As you can see in Figure 2, I am not able to add all my measures to the first exception rule. As a result, I end up using up all my exception rules available (Figure 3). I ran out of exception rules and am not able to add my last criteria for our “EDI” measure.



                                                      Figure 2: Criteria Limitation


                                                         Figure 3: Exception limitation


I got around this by using the new scorecard weights feature. Here I was able to use the Measure Groups. But as a result, I had to group everything into groups of 3 (See Figure 4).



                        Figure 4: adjustments made to scorecard configuration


While this works for now, the same limitations apply. There can only be 3 criteria per exception, and 5 exceptions per measure group (or overall score). We will run into the same problem we did before if we decide to add more measures.

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Also just to add on to this, I know there is another workaround available where you can add an automated measure to calculate the overall score logic via rules engine. However, I really would rather avoid this option if at all possible since it does not update the scores in real time. i.e. if a CSM is updating their scorecard measures, they won't see the changes reflected in the overall health score right away. They would have to wait for the rule to run. This ultimately would cause more confusion as I think someone is more inclined to think the scorecard is broken.

I really like how easy the current scorecard configuration is now. It would be a shame to have to sacrifice that "real time" score update just to add more complex score logic via rules engine.

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@Kate Thanks for the post! We have added this to our backlog. There are some performance issues we would have to consider before we ship this.

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@shantan_reddy that is great news, thank you!