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Increase character limit when emailing to Timeline

  • 2 August 2019
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Is there a way to increase the character limit when emailing to TImeline? Or a different alternative to the solution of encountering the limit? I don't like the idea of miles long email chains being logged, but how else can Email to Timeline be used if the chain is long?

4 replies

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Hi Jessica, the current limit is 33,000 characters, which is equivalent to over 10 pages of printed out text. Does that feel like it's not enough characters still? Have you tried trimming the oldest parts of the email conversation, especially if the email thread was earlier posted to timeline, as it would be redundant info?

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Hi Dan! I agree it's not necessary to log it - definitely redundant. Problem is the content still exists in the email chain and CSMs prefer not to trim in out of the chain as clients might need to reference it. So when they go to BCC Timeline, it's impossible to log. I feel like an ideal solution would be for Timeline to log only the latest characters? to auto-cut really old ones past a certain length from the log? I'm not sure the best way to handle, but know it's a problem! Our CSMs ultimtely end up not using Email to Timeline, and simply copying and pasting the latest exchange into Timeline, which hurts adoption of Email to Timeline.

I agree with this ask. This is a major ask from our team right now to move more workflows into GS. 

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We will very soon make the change to truncate characters > 30K and log the email to Timeline.