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Image previews in timeline

  • 1 March 2018
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The ability to upload images and docs are great with Timeline. One piece of feedback that my CSMs have is re: viewing the image that they uploaded into Timeline. Instead of having the image/document get downloaded into their computer again, it would be great if the document or image opens up in either a new window or in the actual activity. Is this possible? It's something so minor but it would save a ton of clicks and downloads :) 

4 replies

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Hi Maria,

Absolutely agree and this is on our roadmap. ETA is not yet finalized.

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@Maria, Previewing in Timeline is in our road-map. Pushing this to an Idea post. 

Thanks for bringing this up!
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Hi @sai_ram is there an ETA on this roadmap item? It would be great to see image previews supported in tasks / CTA text body too.

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Previewing of images in Timeline is in our road-map, but no ETA. 

@sam_buddery Regarding the image previews supported in tasks / CTA text body, I need to confirm with the product team. Since this comes under different module (Cockpit), request you to create a new post. So that tracking would be easier.