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Gainsight Analyzer enhancements

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Gainsight Analyzer has so much to offer and I'm happy to see it continuing to evolve!

I have a few suggestions to help make it even better.

  • Anywhere a Description field exists, include it in the Config Home reports (i.e. Reports, MDA Objects, etc)
  • Under Config Home: MDA Objects include ability to export field level information/details - this is a strong need.
  • In the Export function (which was just pointed out to me today) I have several suggestions/observations pertaining to the export file: [list]
  • MDA Objects, Reports, Rules don’t include the Description fields – would be highly useful to have these included (and anywhere a Description field exists)
  • Inconsistencies in date fields/values - For example, [list]
  • on MDA Objects, the lastModifiedDate shows as “2019-07-27 16:04”
  • on Rules, modifiedDate shows as “1556658890693.”
  • On Email Templates, modifiedDate shows as “Wed Jun 12 15:57:03 UTC 2019”
  • Reports doesn’t even have a modified date (or created date for that matter).
  • Journey Orchestrator: would be incredibly useful to include Schedule details

  • Dashboards: would be useful to show what users/groups have permission to each dashboard.

  • Email Templates: it contains a Variant count, but would be even more valuable to show what variants are associated with the template.

  • MDA Objects has both a name field and an objectName field. The latter is “null” and the former contains the actual object name. What is the latter?

  • Scorecards 2.0: would be useful to have details around the individual measures, including descriptions, in which scorecard used, etc

  • Include ability to export field level information/details - this is a strong need.

  • Rules: Include Folder name where Rule is stored

  • Data in some fields (i.e. Rules sourceDetails, Scorecards 2.0 filters, Email Templates tokens) is a bit impenetrable. Is there any way to simplify so that it’s clearer/easier to read in a spreadsheet? (Example screenshot below)



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    Hi Jeff,

    Good Morning..

    Thanks for the feedback. We will certainly review each one of them and get back to you with further details.

    Thanks for helping us making GS Analyzer more Admin friendly with your guidance and support.



    Hi Jeff,

    We were able to get the following things implemented/fixed in Gainsight Analyzer.

    * Description needs to be included for all asset types wherever applicable in the over-all export

    * Remove Unnecessary information being displayed in some fields

    * Folder information to be included for assets

    * Populate objectName column in MDA object export

    * Include associated variants information for email templates in export

    * Inconsistencies in the date values representation

    * Introduced an option to export full MDA Schema of an org, which contains details of all MDA Objects. This gives out all the MDA Schema as XLSX output delivered to your inbox. We are planning to extend the same in Config Home Object widgets as well as in the Object Analyzer where-in you are able to download a single/subset of the same directly.

    There are a few tick marks yet to be made from the above list, and we are continuing on strengthening the Analyzer. Will keep you posted with the further udpates.

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Keep them coming, we are happy to solve them :)



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    This is fantastic Anil thank you!!

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    hi @anil_v_k_babu - I just ran an export of my environment, and it looks like the folderDetail column shows blank for anything except /All/Uncategorized.. this is true for Reports, Rules and Journey Orchestrator. Is there something I need to enable for it to populate the actual folder names? Thanks!

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    I would like to have field level details exportable for Rules and Journey Orchestrator. We are often asked what filtering we are using to identify accounts/customers and we also need to quickly identity items that might be using a field that is slated for depreciation or is no longer being calculated by our SFDC team. The scavenger hunt method of finding this information is not an effective or fun exercise.

    Hi Jeff,

    It is working fine for the DEV orgs we tested..

    We will check this up and let you know..

    Hi John,

    We are not yet capturing Reports and JO details here, but did you try using Data Flow Diagram [Gainsight Analyzer -> Object Analyzer -> DFD]. It scans the fields for usage in Rules and Ingest (S3, GS Connect):

    Let us know if this is what you are looking for...



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    Thanks @anil_v_k_babu - That's helpful. Looking foward to same information for Journey Orchestrator

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    @anil_v_k_babu I just noticed that under Report Analyzer, in the "Reports Not In Dashboards" report it includes reports that are attached to C360. See examples below.

    Can those also be omitted from this analyzer report so that ONLY reports that aren't attached to dashboards OR Layouts show?

    Hi Jeff,

    We have this in our backlog, typically we have to extend this to the reports used in C/R/S 360s as well. We will be getting them soon.

    Thanks for sharing..

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    @anil_v_k_babu do you have a ballpark timeframe as to when Object Analyzer will support Journey Programs and Reports? Thank you!