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Field in Unified Scorecard fact table to identify stale scores

  • 16 December 2019
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I am posting this on behalf of Jeffrey Kirkpatrick. Is there a flag in the Unified Scorecard Fact table that identifies scores that have gone stale?

2 replies

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If you want to trigger actions based off of stale scores, there is no way to do this today.  We have to basically go off of timeframes.  It would be helpful to have a “Stale” flag to identify when a score is stale.

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I found a partial solution for this - when setting up a mass edit report on Unified Scorecard Fact, you can set a filter to show only the Stale scores for a given measure, where “stale” is defined by the validity period of the measure.

Note: “Stale” also includes NA scores, because NA scores also technically meet the criteria for Stale.


This gets you part of the way there, but there are some limitations:

  1. Your assertion is correct: there is no boolean “Is Stale” field on the Scorecard fact tables; to my understanding accessing this information is only possible via a Mass Edit report.
  2. It is not possible to select the inverse of Stale (it is not possible to exclude all stale scores from a report, only to include).

Hope this helps!