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External Users Can Check Off 'External' Objectives on the Success Plan

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We launched success plans earlier this year and we plans to use it even more in the coming months. One of the feedback we've received from our clients and our CSMs, using the success plans, is giving external users (our clients) the ability to check off objectives they've completed themselves.

I believe success plans are great tools but for a client to be truly successful, hands on learning and work needs to be done along side the work and training our CSMs are doing for the client.

Our success plan have internal (tasks only for our CSMs to see and do) and external (tasks that our clients need to do themselves) objectives. We would love if the external users, we share the success plan with, can check off objectives as they accomplish them. This provides more visibility to the client's progress through the success plan. The client (external user) and the CSM would actively see that actions that are happening real time and don't need to wait for a call to follow up if certain tasks have been completed or not.

Right now it's a "one way" success plan. Only the CSM can check off objectives and tasks... I think giving the client the ability to interact with the success plan can  provide a whole different experience. One that will truly drive the success of the client and the CSM.

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Agree completely! This has been a pain point for our team as well. Introducing this functionality will allow our CS team to use success plans to solve our project management needs. Otherwise we'll need to purchase another software to manage this. 
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Hi Faust & Amy,

Thanks for sharing this. This is something we plan to implement, but I do not have an ETA for this as of now.

In the case where you want customers to edit / make changes to a success plan, what permissions do you think are needed ? Would it work for you if customers were able to edit all details of a success plan / only objectives they own / configurable by the CSM ?

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Aditya - For us, we'd like to be able to assign the tasks to the customer and give them the ability to check off/complete the objectives and tasks assigned to them. I don't think we'd want customers to edit the details of the success plan. But it might be good to have a comment section on the objectives for customers to add their thoughts and feedback on objectives. It would also be nice to be able to configure those permissions.

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@aditya_marla Do you have any updates on this?? 😃

This would be amazing. Is there any word on this happening?

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+1, we would love to see this functionality too

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@meenal_shukla @aditya_marla - Any updates on this? Is this on the product roadmap for this year?

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Yes, allowing customers to collaborate on success plans is on our short term roadmpap for NXT.

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@aditya_marla will this functionality only be available on Gainsight NXT? We were really excited to see it at Pulse but are not on Gainsight NXT and don't have current plans to migrate...

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Hi Catherine,

Yes this functionality will only be availabe on Gainsight NXT