Enable links in shared success plan objectives for customers.

  • 10 September 2019
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It would be great if we could enable links for use by customers when they are included in the objectives of a shared success plan, as currently they are read-only.

For example; if we include a link to a resource in our help center in a shared objective today, the customer is unable to click the link, or even highlight the url (highlighting description text is an all or nothing experience currently). This means that the customer would have to enter the url manually, or copy the whole of the description, then paste it somewhere, and then re-copy the url, and paste it into their browser. This is not an ideal experience.

I understand that some customers may wish to use internal-specific links in their objectives, so were this to be implemented, ideally "enable links" would be a toggle, so that you could control which plans or templates contain customer-usable links, and which dont.

1 reply

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Hi Tyler,

Thanks a lot for sharing this. Are the links that you want to share different for each objective or a single link to your help center. The links shared in the "plan info" section will be clicklable by customers. Would that work for you?