Email Validator for Gainsight Blacklist

  • 14 August 2019
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Our company takes advantage of Journey Orchestrator quite a bit! When a contact is added to the "blacklist" for whatever reason, our end users have no visibility if the client was added. It would be great if email validator was not limited to the Admin's access so that our reps could be able to follow up accordingly with our clients if their communications bounce.

6 replies

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THis could be helpful for us as well! We have rules that create CTAs there's a hardbounce for ur clients. We then assign those to our Success team to reach out to the customer and help them address/fix it. However, once they've spoken with the client abd fixed it, they have to reassign the CTA back to us (CXOps) to remove the email address from the blacklist.

It would be helpful to have the ability to choose specific users or user groups to have access to the feature. We don't want everyone to acess it.

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You can pull that information by querying the Email logs. Filter for Event Message != null and show: Triggered Date, Email Address, Event Message, Hard Bounce On and Soft Bounce On to help them differentiate between hard and soft bounces.

It is also possible to build a report that uses the AO participants table to report on those. Pull the contacts with Last Email Status = Bounce, perhaps also Reject. That one does not give the detailed reason for the bounce but provides a check list to act on.

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Hi Diane,

I so appreciate your suggestion! When we run CTAs in cockpit to notify our reps that an email has bounced, I feel like it only works for the first bounced email (that adds the client to the blacklist). Do you know if this is true?

In other words, if our rep doesn't take action and update the email, then it lives on the blacklist and no one knows until their emails are not delivered.

Let me know if you have more insight!

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Hi @alison_kaprielian

Indeed, the email addresses that are blacklisted are excluded from the run up front. They show up on the Failed participants tab when you prepare a new program so you can act on them before finalizing the program. The ones reported on by the program log are only new detected bounced addresses. These new hardbounced email addresses getting added to the blacklist. Delivery recovery is attempted for the softbounced ones for 3 days and if their situation does not get resolved, they are "forgiven" and will be part of a next mailing (in other words, no blacklisting for those).

There are two objects you will be interested in: AO Failed Participants and AO Failed Participants History. The first one shows the current state of the participants who have failed and are part of a program but the second one captures each instance when the participant was added and the failure associated with each attempt.

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@diane_morneau - I'm actually not using Programs but instead Outreaches. I'm assuming this changes things a bit?

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To my knowledge, all objects starting with AO apply only to Program Traffic.

EMail logs has traces of all mail sent, whether it’s through Outreach, Program or Email Assist.