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  • 24 April 2018
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CSM would like to import their signature as formatted in Outlook to Gainsight.   CSM wants to include in email assist templates and copilot.  

3 replies

We are using a signature platform: xink.io

It will be best if we can integrate it into GS and not have to manage signatures in 2 places.

Our marketing team use this platform to set different signatures to different departments, roles, product promotions, events, etc.

Having this integration will allow us to keep one voice over all email.

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I was just talking to a customer who was able to tokenize SFDC email signatures, but is unsure of how this gets formatted. This brought up an interesting thought -- What about allowing Gainsight users to create email signatures on the user object level? That way, you wouldn't have to import anything into Gainsight at all - you would simply have a token that pointed to User::Email Signaure in the MDA.

We are using Sigstr (www.sigstr.com). I was hoping that I could tokenize (custom field on the SFDC user object) for the HTML snippet they provide and use THAT in templates but I haven't had any luck yet. If I can't achieve it, I probably will have to scrap my signature service because the Outlook responses look so much different than the Gainsight messages and I want to keep the feel consistent.