Email from Timeline to customers

  • 24 January 2019
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CSMs need the ability to email customers directly from Timeline. Timeline is used to capture meeting minutes, and we'd like to be able to send those meeting minutes directly from Timeline vs. having to go OUTSIDE of Gainsight and sending them via Outlook. Not being able to do so causes adoption risks for our team, and also wastes a lot of time for our employees.

5 replies

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Hi Melanie,

Thanks for sharing this idea. If the email was sent from Gainsight, are you ok with it not appearing in the user's Sent Items folder (since it wasn't sent by Outlook, but sent by Gainsight instead)?

Also do you use other tools that send emails on behalf of your users such that they don't use Outlook for their primary email actions?

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That's a great idea! To answer Dan's question, I think it's ok as long as Gainisght records it somewhere that the meeting in timeline was shared externally for audit purposes.

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Hi @melaniebrittingham and @jason_hoe,

We are working on implementing a solution for sharing timeline activity via email.

Propsed solution(Overview)

In the Action icon along with 'Share link' and 'Copy to Clipboard', we'll add one more action called 'Send email'. On click of it an email composer will open which will auto-populate the 'TO' from the list of internal and external attendees, and will populate subejct and body from timeline subject and body.

The sender will be in BCC. The attachment upto 10 MB would be shared and error will be shown in the email body if it is more than 10 MB.

This text in the composer would be editable so a user can edit the 'TO' list, subject and even the email content. The reason is sometimes a user might not want to share all the information with external attendees so he should have a flexibility to remove unnecessary information.

An icon next to timeline subject would be there to show if the timeline has been shared and with whom. A record will be created in email log when someone uses this functionanlity.

Please have a look at the proposal and let me know if it solves the use case that you have shared or not. Thank You!

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That sounds good

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Hello Everyone! 

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.14 release. Gainsight now allows users to share Timeline activities as emails with the Share via Email option, which is available for all activity types on the Timeline page.  

This feature is implemented in both SFDC & NXT versions.

Thanks for posting!