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Different Reminder Email Templates in AO

  • 26 July 2018
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I came across a customer use case where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reminder email templates should be different with each send. It would be great to have this functionality, similar to multi-variant templates, but have a place to select which goes with each send.

8 replies

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Hi Joe,

Iam assuming this is with respect to the Survey models and not the email chain model. Thanks for sharing.

We have heard the opposite of this use case in email chain model where the customers have asked for the ability to send the same email multiple times but configure once like we do in survey models.

Can we make this post public so that we can see more asks for this?

Abhishek S
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Hey Abhishek,

Thats correct - this would be in the survey models. I think the majority of people will use a single template, so that should be the default, but ideally there is also an checkbox or something to make them different. I will see what I can do to get it flipped to public. 
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@All, making this public to get more visibility and also get feedback. 

Please post your feedback on different reminder email templates .
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We did send some emails at repetition - specifically for event invitations. We noticed a positive impact on the number of registration when publishing a reminder 48h before an event. To avoid susceptibilities, we amended the title with the words "- in case you missed it". The content was exactly the same. 

However, I am limiting it to events invitations as this has apparently a longer term impact on reputation. For news and campaigns, I instead invest in optimizing the time of send or inform the CSMs of an important communication not having been read a week after the first send. The email chain has two steps: the customer send, wait 7 days, follow up with CSM. For the time of sending, I organize it for it to reach the intended recipients during their business hours - a recognized best practice. Unfortunately, this requires to set duplicate AOs as I am sending out globally.

See this article https://sendgrid.com/blog/resending-email-good-idea-terrible-idea/ 

I'd like to configure two different reminders - one softer follow up "hey don't forget this" and one after that which is a little more demanding "you need to complete this survey in order to..." for participants who did not respond after the initial or reminder messages.

This is exactly what I'm looking for. We're using AO for auto-renewal options and we want to be able to send 2 reminders but for one to say "This is your final notice!". As is I can't figure out a way to do that since the reminder emails use the same template.

I would like to choose the date/time when reminders are sent.  Not just “3 days later”, because I send 2 reminders and I would like to choose the date/time when the reminders are sent, and not use the same interval between the 2.

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Thanks for sharing. I have added this as a roadmap item.