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Delays in timeline reporting

  • 10 July 2019
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Currently when reporting on timeline activities this is housed in a different database than the timeline activites themselves. Because of these being in 2 differet databases we have seen a delay or lag for reporting purposes. It would be a nice enhancement for these to be on the said database so we would not be seeing these delays.

4 replies

We actually ran into this today. We're the process of changing up how we use the Timeline and report on it. Created a new Activity Type and associated a few Timeline Entries to it to show in the new reporting...waited 5 - 10 mintues nothing. Waited a few hours, still nothing. Then I learned about this. That there could be up to a 24 hour delay.

With leadership relying on reporting and getting use to near real time results, this is causing an issue.


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@nitisha_rathi - any guidance you can provide would be helpful.

Thank you for logging, @Chris Mudd!

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This is also the same for rule engine too. This is not ideal if you are testing updating scores or CTAs based on activity timeline when you have to wait possibly 24 hours prior to being able to test.