Create an out of the box way to snapshot data

  • 12 July 2019
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I just created a Community post to help customers who want to snapshot data historically. While doing this, I started wondering if we've considered creating an easy out of the box way to do this rather than an admin having to build a manual MDA object and create and maintain a manual rule. Perhaps some kind of history tracking process on objects that automatically kick off a process to snapshot that object to a new table on a certain cadence (daily, weekly, etc.)?

4 replies

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@skalle @nitin_pawar - is there a possible use case for Adoption Explorer here?

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Glad you mentioned that. I was thinking that too as I was writing this post. Would love to hear @skalle and @nitin_pawar!

This is coming as part of Next release (ETA: Mid August)

You can do a weekly snapshot of Company and Person Object to Adoption Explorer and use them as trend

This option is now available for Weekly snapshot of Company and Person data via Adoption Explorer