Configure Timeline search.

  • 17 August 2018
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Can we have the ability to configure Timeline search (related to* while creating timeline activity) in the same way as we have in Customer Search?

4 replies

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This would be huge for narrowing down on the exact account (via CSM name, Account Code, etc.)!
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Supporting Global Customer / Relationship Search configuration within Timeline is in near time roadmap!
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We would like the ability to search by account name, not just relationship name when logging an activity in Global Timeline to the R360. When logging an activity via global timeline, the Related To field allows us to search by relationship name. For us, we have standard relationship names across accounts that do not include the customer name like your example on the help site (https://support.gainsight.com/Product_Documentation/Customers_and_Relationships/User_Guides/Use_Time...). So, when I search by relationship name, I get too many accounts to just scroll through them all. It would be nice to relate a post to the relationship, but still search by account name to then select the appropriate relationship.
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We would like to be able to customize this as well.  We would like to be able to search for “0” duration timeline entries, and then have the filtering “stick,” so if I filter down to just mine and that criteria (like with global filters), if I open timeline again it will revert back to old filters until I reset them.