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Cockpit Export

  • 30 July 2019
  • 3 replies

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Currently we only support Health Scores from Scorecards 1.0 when exported from cockpit. It would nice to be able to see the functionality extended to include Scorecards 2.0 when you export CTAs or Tasks from the cockpit.

3 replies

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@shantan_reddy @aditya_marla - support for Scorecard 2.0 in Cockpit.

I second this request. Seeing the wrong health score color in Cockpit and wrong health score number in the export creates an issue for us.


1) the correct Overall Score numeric value is 65, this comes from our Scorecard 2.0 measures.

2) the correct color is YELOW.

3) in Cockpit, an incorrect color GREEN is displayed.

4) when we export CTAs for the customer in Cockpit, the wrong numeric value is returned – it’s using ‘Current Score Value’ from the Customer Info object, not the Overall Score from MDA Scorecard 2.0.

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Hi @jeremy_johnston

Thanks for sharing your product feedback on the Community! We often let ideas simmer for awhile so other customers can comment on the relative priority or share their related use cases. However, I understand your feedback in this case is a bit more along the lines of a problem with how things work today.

@shantan_reddy and @aditya_marla are the product managers who can comment on whether this is something they're considering for the roadmap.