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Can record-level sharing be based on a specific field value?

  • 31 December 2018
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Instead of using different role hierarchies and having to manually share records, is there a way to limit record visibility based on a CSM/Consultant/Rep field in the account in Salesforce? So Rep Jane Doe only sees the accounts where she is listed as a rep. I am familiar with Account and Opportunity teams in Salesforce. Is there no similar option in Gainsight?

To clarify, our records are created by sales first, with our CSM listed in a field. "This ensures that the records created by you are visible only to you (record owners), and those above your role in the hierarchies. " <- so this doesn't apply to our use case.

5 replies

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Hi Anastassia,

This feature is already available in Gainsight permissions via the feature "Sharing Setting". I am adding link to an article which details about the record level settings https://support.gainsight.com/View_More_Categories/Standard_Edition/01Onboarding_and_Implementation/02Login_and_Permissions/05Gainsight_Sharing_Settings

Hope this helps.



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Hi Sailaja,

Is this something you have implemented yourself? Since User Attributes are limited to few available fields, I don't think this works for us since "Logged-in User Attributes" is also used in Resource section and is limited.

We need

User who is Rep

Has Access to Records where [Logged-In User Attribute of Rep] = True


User who is Manager

Has Access to Records where [Logged-In User Attribute of Manager] = True

I don't know how this can be achieved without making a separate rule for each user, as that seems to be the only workaround using the limited User Attributes.

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Hi Anastassia,

I havent tested this myself thoroughly , but when I checked the configurations, I still think this is feasible.

Two observations -

1) By default, we take care of handling the case for Manager which means by default all Managers will get to see resources of their teams.

2) The setup I tried was with rule for CSM mapping to the SFDC user id of the logged user.

3) Out of the box we give 3 attributes to map to like active,SFDCID,GSID. However we can add up to about 20 attriibutes from GS object.

Can you reach out to us via support, so that we can setup a meeting and see how we can help you setting this permissions up.

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Hi Sailaja,

I do have a ticket open currently, #70492 "Gainsight Sharing Rules". I would love to have more help with this and jump on a call to discuss.



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@anastassia_goidina_683abb changing this to an idea post. Thanks for posting!