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C360 Attributes: Allow ability to filter at the field level

  • 13 March 2019
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Our managers assign CSMs manually, based on workload, and we have a user lookup field on C360 from which they make the assignment. Unfortunately, every user shows up in that list. It would be great if we could filter that field so that only users with a specific profile are displayed. This would likely be valuable for other fields as well.

3 replies

Hi Jeff,


I am not sure if I understood this completely. Can you attach some screenshots of where you need the filter?




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@jitin_mehndiratta Basically this is a lookup field to the User object that I am adding to the C360 attributes. Curious to know if it's possible to add a filter on that field.

In example below Julie Richards is a CSM - the other 3 are not. I'd like to be able to restrict this list to only users that have a specific profile:

Is it possible to add a filter to the C360 layout?

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@jitin_mehndiratta did this explain the use case clearly enough?

Additionally, inactive users show in the field as well. So we need the ability (in Salesforce edition as well as NXT) to be able to filter users out as appropriate.

We tried leveraging Salesforce field filtering, but the users still show up in the search list:

@andrew_biehle - I forgot I already posted this to the community a few months back.