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automatically close success plan based on usage

  • 12 October 2016
  • 3 replies

Is it possible to have a success plan automatically close based on usage? Our use case is in trying to drive adoption, we want to build a success plan around increasing a certain usage type (logins for example). Once they meet our criteria (say 3 logins a day) we want to have that success plan close automatically.

3 replies

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Hey Nate,

I know I connected with you outside of this post but I will go ahead and follow-up here.
As far as I know this is not currently possible.

My thoughts went to the rules engine but it is only possible to create success plans there and not close them. My other thought was to simply close all the objective CTAs but through the rules engine you can not close objective CTAs. Also after all objectives are closed in a success plan it will stay open until it is manually closed.

I will turn this post into an idea so we can hopefully get some feedback from the product team as well as other customers.
Similarly, I have a request from a customer looking to close Success Plans once all of the associated CTAs are closed. Maybe a popup, for example, that notifies the user "All of the CTAs associated to this Success Plan have been closed. Would you like to close the Success Plan?"

Along the same lines, being able to close Objective CTAs via the Rules Engine may be beneficial in this case.

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@alex_legay Do you know if there's been any progress on this?... We've ran into processes where we need to automate closing a success plan for two of our onboarding processes.