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Audit logs for MDA. Creation and Deletion

  • 2 December 2019
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Posting on behalf of a customer. Under the newly added data operations logging section the only thing that is currently tracked are modified records. Created records and deleted records aren’t tracked at all. In the future it would be very helpful to have this ability. 

3 replies

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Hi @andrew_biehle 

Thank you for your feedback.

Could I know where these records are being created or deleted from? What are the details that the admin would want to view in the audit logs for these records?

Since the number could be high, would just the number and the user details be enough for audit purposes?

We currently have audits only for Low volume objects updated via the Data operations and C360 pages. How are they creating and deleting the records?


Thank you


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@andrew_biehle please go through the comments given by @pgeorge 


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@andrew_biehle did you get a chance to view comments posted here?