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Appending the HTML tags in SFDC Fields, when Rich Text Area datatype contains the spaces or new lines while inserting into SFDC Fileds

  • 24 March 2020
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When we are inserting/updating the data from Rich Text Area of MDA to Long Area (Text) & Long Area (Rich) of SFDC via Rules Engine, it is appending the HTML tags when the it contains the new lines or spaces in the source fields at the end of the content. Currently, this is because of some limitation. Can we enhance this in the future road map

5 replies

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+1 here, I’ve had this come up a few times recently as well!

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Hi All,

If we provide the (optional) ability to strip off HTML tag in actions, would it solve the problem?

If the formatting can’t translate then that would help because currently, it’s almost unreadable in SFDC.

I am seeing this currently on every email being sent from GS to my internal contacts however it is not widespread across my team when doing the same action steps. There are about ½ of us seeing this 

Anything that can be done to fix would be amazing!! Our team is really struggling with this. Thanks!