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Allow basic text formatting within survey questions.

  • 11 July 2019
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As we're expanding our use of surveys in Gainsight we've had a few use cases where we would like to be able to do some basic text formatting within a survey question. This is been requested for a few of our surveys moving to Gainsight from another vendor and the team responsible was able to have formatting options in their previous surveys. Example: bold/italisize a single word or phrase within the quesion "How effective were the following learning opportunities?"

3 replies

I would love to have this ability as well! It's common in research to have the ability to call out key words so questions are easier for customers to read and answer.

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An addtional request would be to hyperlink within the survey question. Use case: our marketing team asks if they want to be entered into a drawing, we need to link to a page with full terms and conditions of the contest.

Valid ask. This ask is enrolled in the Survey 2.0 backlog. I'm hopeful to have this available by end of Q3 2019.