Adding .xlsm as an attchment to Timeline

  • 13 August 2019
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Team, with one of our new BU's using Gainsight the question arose around attching a .xlsm file to the timeline. This appears not to be supported, can you pleas eprovide an update ont his or if thereis a plan to do this. Tpday, the team uses a file to do their QBR's and then wants to attch this to the Timeline. Unfirtunately we are not able to do so. It doesn't help to save it as a different format as we need the .xlsm file in order to auto ccalcualte fields. Can you pelase provide a solution for this?

1 reply

Hi Amanda, We have added the support to attach .xlsm files. Its avaliable in the latest version, ie, 6.5.2.