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Ability to override overall score and add a comment to overall score with scorecard 2.0

  • 31 August 2017
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This is not about the exception logic! Scorecard 2.0 is great but when the rollup feature is selected you are no longer able to use a rule to write a comment to the overall score comment section. We are also unable to use a rule to override the entire score by looking at an account attribute (we do not want to add another measure to the scorecard). 

7 replies

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Hi Andrew, When roll-up is enabled we don't allow overall score or Comment to be updated. If we here similar request from other customers we will look into it.

Also could you please provide us some examples of the kind of comments you want to add to the overall score when the score has been rolled-up from the underlying measures.
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We have found a work around with the 2.0 WAD. Thank you
Hey Andrew, did you find a solution to overriding the overall score? I'm looking to essentially set a large amount of customer's score to '0' and can't seem to find a easy way to do so. 
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You should be able to set all scores to zero as long as you have a unique account attribute you are working with in a rule. Once you set all scores to zero the overall should update. OR are you trying to delete the scores and history? Which one?
This enhancement would be very helpful for one of my customers. They would like to be able to add a Timeline activity, then have a rule that updates the overall scorecard comment. This would give them more visibility into the changes in the overall scorecard comment over time.

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@dan_ahrens are you aware of any updates to this request? We are currently building a Health Score and some of the KPI's we are tracking will be manually entered and then pushed back into Gainsight. Once they are passed into GS, it seems that we are not allowed to automatically add comments into the Overall Scorw Comments. is this something you can help us with or can you suggest a work around for this? Thank you!

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@abhishek_sivaraman @venky_reddy_k - can you share any inputs on the approach that should be taken to update Overall Score Comments via rules?