Ability to filter on RICHTEXTAREA (Scorecard Comments) in Rules Engine

  • 26 April 2020
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Our management wants an automated weekly report on client health scores and their associated comments but:

  1. I am unable to attach Unified Scorecard Fact Scorecard Mass Edit report type to a JO Email Template
  2. I am unable to create a custom object for reporting and populate it based on any filters on the Scorecard Comment because it is a RICHTEXTAREA field. 

I want to be able to narrow down to the last week of at risk clients and associated health score comments for the overall score. I thought to even use Scorecard Timeline Mapping object, but there are all kinds of random text style markers as if it’s an HTML template (<p> etc.) which makes the comments difficult to read. Not to mention, I can’t find any documentation on the purpose of this object, “Scorecard Timeline Mapping” and how to use it.

Scorecard reporting has been historically very frustrating for us because of such limitations. If anyone knows of a workaround, please share!

2 replies

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This also applies in wanting to filter on “Notes” in Activity Timeline, in a reportable way  (not just via Global Timeline UI). I get a lot of users from various teams that would like to see all Customer Wins mentioning X or Y or Z and I end up having to send them the entire file to search through on their own because there is no way to filter by keywords. @dan_ahrens is this a functionality coming up in a future release?

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Hi @ana_g have you tried using Data Designer to bring together the various reporting elements you want to display and then publish the data space for use in JO and other areas of Gainsight. 


More info here:
Overview: https://support.gainsight.com/SFDC_Edition/View_More_Categories/Data_Designer_(BETA)/About/Data_Designer_(BETA)_Overview

Save and publish: https://support.gainsight.com/SFDC_Edition/View_More_Categories/Data_Designer_(BETA)/Admin_Guides/Analysis_Details_in_Data_Designer_(BETA)#New.2C_Save.2C_Publish_Report_and_Repository

FAQ: https://support.gainsight.com/SFDC_Edition/View_More_Categories/Data_Designer_(BETA)/FAQs/Data_Designer_(BETA)_FAQs