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Thu, Oct 25, 2018 3:49 PM

Welcome to the new Gainsight Community!

Welcome to the new Gainsight Community!

We’re excited to announce the Gainsight Community is moved to a new platform. All of your posts, comments, points, and profile information are migrated to the new platform. The only change you need to make is to re-set your password. You’ll still access the Community at


In general, the user experience will look very similar, with some helpful new additions. On the new platform you’ll be able to:


- Filter posts by Authors in the refine search results options

- Follow other Community members to view their latest activity
- Create a private post for Gainsight Community Admins to view/reply
- Tag (@mention) other Community members on a post to facilitate conversation (Note: this may not be available on 10/23, but is definitely coming soon!)
- Like or Follow any post. There are no “me too” or “vote” options in the new system. The me too and voting data from our old platform appears as “likes” in the new system.
- Mark responses to your own posts as helpful, to acknowledge the best answers or solutions


Since passwords are encrypted, we’re unable to migrate this data to the new site. After logging in, you’ll be presented with a few optional questions that will display on your public profile page. Then you can begin using the new and improved Community!


Community Migration FAQs


Q: Why do I have to change my password on the new Community site?

A: Since passwords are encrypted, we can’t migrate this data to the new platform. Please update your password after the new site is live.

Q: Will all of my posts and points be migrated to the new Community site?

A: Yes, all of the posts, comments, status, and points earned will be migrated to the new site.

Q: Is the URL for the Community changing?

A: No. You will still access the Community at

Q: Why are you switching Community platforms?

A: We are excited to a switch to a new platform with greater reporting, moderation, and social capabilities, and one that the vendor will continue to invest in making improvements to.

Q: Who should I contact if I have Community login problems, or any other Community feedback?

A: Email

Q: Can I update or change my email address (login) when I update my password?

A: After you login, you can change your email address in your profile page.

Q: Can I update my alternate email address?

A: You can enter a secondary or alternate email address as part of the registration process. Also, when existing users sign into the new Community for the first time, you will be presented with a list of questions that includes your alternate email address.

Q: What are the key differences in end user functionality between the old and new Gainsight Community platforms?


- You can @mention other users in your post or comments (coming soon)
- For all post types, you can Like or Follow the posts. There are no “me too” or “vote” options in the new system. The me too and voting data from our old platform appears as “likes” in the new system.
- You can mark a response to your own post as helpful.
- You can send a private message to the Community Admins.
- You can Follow other Community members to view their latest activity.
- You can filter posts by Authors in the refine search results options

Q: How are points and badges awarded? Are there any changes from the old system?

A: Points are awarded for the same activities as in the past. We’re introducing a new badge system which allows us to acknowledge members for earning points and reaching new levels. You will see the new badges next to your name and on your profile. Click here (coming soon) for details on the points and badge system.


Q: Are some Community links broken?

A: Although you can still access Community at, the underlying structure has changed somewhat. This means that on some Community posts, you will encounter hyperlinks that are broken. For example, sometimes members will refer to another Community post using a hyperlink within a post. These links won’t work, and we’ll need to update them manually as we encounter them.


Q: When will the @mention capability be available?

A: Before the end of the year!

Q: Why don’t I see any results when I use the Answer Type filter for Accepted or Official?

A: These answer type options were not available in our old Community, and we were unable to apply meaningful criteria in the back-end that would apply these answer types to existing post comments. We may do some manual review after the go-live to mark relevant comments as official. Moving forward, as users mark responses as “accepted” or Admins mark responses as “official”, there will be matching results for these filters.


Q: Why am I receiving fewer email notifications from Community than in the past?

A: Users will only receive notifications for NEW POSTS in the Topics you follow. However, if you follow a POST, you will receive notifications for ALL comments and replies. You are also automatically following any post that you create.


Q: I am a user in an internal/private Topic, but sometimes I can't view the Topic or posts under that Topic.

A: Most likely you've been signed out of the Community, and that's why you can't view the internal Topic or post. We're working with the vendor to try and extend the session expiration period, but in the meantime, please confirm you're logged in.


Q: How come email notifications don't contain the Post title in their Subject line? This causes threading problems in email clients like Gmail.

A: This is an enhancement request that should be coming soon!