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Wed, Aug 14, 2019 5:57 PM

[Tip of the Week] Measuring How Engagements Impact Feature Adoption

When aiming to drive module and feature adoption, you'll likely use some combination of emails and in-app messaging to your users. But how do you know if your engagements are effective in driving adoption?

While there's no way to associate 100% of something to adoption, you can always find correlations. Take this use case for example to understand how you can correlate engagements with featuer adoption.

Goal: Our company wants to drive user and account adoption to Feature XYZ. Let's launch a dialog engagement to drive users to the feature.

  • Engagement was launched on Aug 1st, and you want to measure the effects this had on user/account adoption

  • Run the "Feature Adoption" report for Feature XYZ two weeks prior. It appears that user adoption was 10% in the two weeks prior to Aug 1.

  • Now, run the "Feature Adoption" report for Feature XYZ for two weeks after Aug 1. It appears that user adoption is now 20%.

This is one method to measure the effectiveness of your engagements in driving up adoption.

Try this out the next time you're launching an engagement to bring awareness to a certain area of your product!