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Sun, Aug 12, 2018 3:57 PM

Partially Fixed

Tabular Reports in Journey Orchestrator

Hi All,

One of the frequently asked feature in Journey Orchestrator has been the need for sending tabular reports in emails.

We are looking at addressing that use case using the following approach - 

a. You will be able to use any of the tabular reports configured as part of email configuration.
b. You will have two options-  CSV/Inline Option for sending a tabular report.
    - CSV option is aimed at use cases where there are many rows and columns and the data is of high volume.
    - Inline Option is aimed at use cases where the data you want to share are simple tabular reports in email with very few rows and columns.
c. For inline option, a maximum of 5 columns and 20 rows will be allowed in tabular reports.If the report exceeds this limit , then the report will be sent as CSV to the recipient. 

We are looking for feedback on the above proposal and guide us with respect to whether the above approach will meet the use case of  tabular reports. Are there any other use cases which you felt we have missed?

As we are in the early stages of this design, things might become flexible in the future based on other considerations or use cases. :) 

Abhishek S