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Fri, Jun 22, 2018 7:39 PM

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Scorecard 2.0 Rule Results

Been working through some Scorecard changes using Scorecard 2.0 and am really struggling to use the Rule results as I am trying to QA the rule. There is virtually no easily identifiable information in the rule results that would assist in testing and quality assurance. It's strictly a document which contains a ton of account IDS many of which don't tie to the SF IDs.

For example the 36 Character "Relationship ID" that displays does not tie back to the Salesforce relationship ID. I am assuming this is some MDA id, which is not particularly helpful.

What I would like to see is this look more like the rule results for Scorecard 1.0 and include:
  • Salesforce Account ID
  • Salesforce Relationship ID
  • Account Name
  • Relationship Name
  • Scorecard Name Applied Too
  • Previous Score