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Fri, Apr 19, 2019 12:04 PM

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Heat Map Axis Sorting

I love that there is an option for a 'heat map' style report in the system. However, without the ability for the x-axis and y-axis to sort appropriately the use of the report type is limited. Our organization will often look at 4-box/9-box models for customers. We look at various customer activities on two dimensions, Priority (High, Med, Low) and Opportunity (High, Med, Low). The priority is on the y-axis and opportunity on the x-axis. When trying to create a report in gainsight the y-axis (priority) will display in unsorted orders (M, H, S). This poses a challenge because intuitively you would say the upper right corner of the grid would be the high priority and high opportunity tasks, but the chart shows high priority in the middle row.