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Mon, Feb 4, 2019 10:47 PM

Good News, Including Admin Certification & Email to Timeline!

Good News, Including Admin Certification & Email to Timeline!

Gainsight has lots of good news to share with the Community! 


Admin Certification


Are you managing your Gainsight instance, creating rules, automating functionality, building reports and responsible for the overall maintenance of your Gainsight implementation? It’s time to validate your skill set by becoming a Certified Gainsight Administrator! Click here to learn more.


Send Emails to Timeline


Our Email to Timeline feature is coming out of Beta and will be available to all customers with the Feb. 19 V5.23 release! 


Gainsight enables users to log customer communications as Timeline Activities using a unique inbound email address. Previously, CSMs had to copy and paste customer email content from their inbox to a Timeline activity. Now, using the unique inbound email address, CSMs can automatically log their customer emails to Timeline for accounts and relationships. This feature helps you record your history of significant interactions, so CSMs, Execs, and Sale reps, for example, can quickly get up to speed and understand the customer relationship by reviewing Timeline. More info coming soon!


This feature will be available in Sandbox and Production orgs on Feb. 19.


Success Snapshots Reimagined


Our new Success Snapshots 2.0 feature enables users to create slides with their own Powerpoint template and easily add in key Gainsight reports, making it easier than ever to prepare for customer meetings. This feature is going to be rolled out to customers gradually, so stay tuned for more info!


Release 5.23 Coming Soon


The Sandbox release of V5.23 is going out starting Feb. 5 to customers with Sandboxes who opt in to automatic upgrades. The Production release will go out on Feb. 19!


Draft release notes are available now.