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Thu, Apr 11, 2019 9:55 AM


Gainsight Analyzer - Split rule chain rules out individually on Schedule tab

Gainsight Analyzer is becoming a wealth of information! And it's going a long way in helping me with my goal of documenting our environment.

I see the Schedule tab is being just shy of perfect.

First off, when you click on a Rule Name that is in fact a Rule Chain, you get a popup that says it cannot retrieve the rule details:

Personally, I would rather see the Rules schedule have all individual rules split out, and with an additional column for Rule Chain name (as well as Description and Action Type), instead of listing a rule chain as its own line item. That would solve the above problem.

Also, the way it is today having the Rule Chain itself listed as a rule, the Source and Target columns get really full (since it's pulling from ALL rules in the chain, instead of just a single rule). Having each rule as a separate line item would help the admin know more information about each individual rule, including whether or not it's part of a rule chain. Something like this:

Any chance of this happening before September 1 to help me meet a goal? :)