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Fri, Aug 9, 2019 6:16 PM

Under consideration

Gainsight Analyzer enhancements

Gainsight Analyzer has so much to offer and I'm happy to see it continuing to evolve!

I have a few suggestions to help make it even better.

  • Anywhere a Description field exists, include it in the Config Home reports (i.e. Reports, MDA Objects, etc)

  • Under Config Home: MDA Objects include ability to export field level information/details - this is a strong need.

  • In the Export function (which was just pointed out to me today) I have several suggestions/observations pertaining to the export file:

    • MDA Objects, Reports, Rules don’t include the Description fields – would be highly useful to have these included (and anywhere a Description field exists)

    • Inconsistencies in date fields/values - For example,

      • on MDA Objects, the lastModifiedDate shows as “2019-07-27 16:04”

      • on Rules, modifiedDate shows as “1556658890693.”

      • On Email Templates, modifiedDate shows as “Wed Jun 12 15:57:03 UTC 2019”

      • Reports doesn’t even have a modified date (or created date for that matter).

    • Journey Orchestrator: would be incredibly useful to include Schedule details

    • Dashboards: would be useful to show what users/groups have permission to each dashboard.

    • Email Templates: it contains a Variant count, but would be even more valuable to show what variants are associated with the template.

    • MDA Objects has both a name field and an objectName field. The latter is “null” and the former contains the actual object name. What is the latter?

    • Scorecards 2.0: would be useful to have details around the individual measures, including descriptions, in which scorecard used, etc

    • Include ability to export field level information/details - this is a strong need.

    • Rules: Include Folder name where Rule is stored

    • Data in some fields (i.e. Rules sourceDetails, Scorecards 2.0 filters, Email Templates tokens) is a bit impenetrable. Is there any way to simplify so that it’s clearer/easier to read in a spreadsheet? (Example screenshot below)