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Wed, Mar 27, 2019 4:04 PM

Response from Customer

Enhancement Request: Customization of Permissions and Visibility

I wasn't able to find a suggestion relevant to what I’m about to describe. If there is one, please let me know.

Right now, when you want to add custom fields to a CTA or a task it's a "everyone sees it or no one sees it". We have other departments besides Customer Success at our organization who are using Gainsight. We want to be able to show things just relevant to them.

for example: we have a section on Tasks where users can fill in more information about the task. those fields only apply to our customer success team. Our Delivery team will also be using success Plans so they'll see this section which isn't relevant to them plus we need to add a new section for information for them to feel out that is not relevant to customer Success.

the same holds true when you customize the Customer tab on a Call to Action. that section is applied to all CTAs of that type. You don't have an option to apply a certain set of fields to a specific CTA in that type.

In general, as we expand our use cases for Gainsight outside of Customer success, we overall need greater flexibility to constrain areas based on role. I imagine this to be very similar to how Dashboard permissions currently work. If that feature could be added essentially everywhere you can create something in gainsight that would help a lot.