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Fri, Feb 1, 2019 7:34 PM


Do not Check 'Map Gainsight Standard Fields' by Default From Surveys

If you publish a Survey (2.0) to a Program, the Program settings under the Participant configuration 'Map Gainsight Standard Fields' is checked by default. This is not a setting I have ever had to worry about in creating a Program from scratch, but it has twice now negatively impacted the experience of building a program from surveys.

1) Using a Powerlist - During testing in our QA environment, I was unable to select a powerlist due to this setting. It required GS support to identify that flag as the cause. Removing the flag then enabled me to select a Powerlist.

2) Email Preview in Program - Before launching in our Prod environment, using a CSV upload, I COULD NOT preview an email that either embedded a survey question or linked to a survey. Previews failed to load and and sending tests to myself were unsuccessful (even though on screen messaging confirm a test was sent). This only impacted the emails within the program that pointed to a survey. 4 other emails in the program were previewed without issue. While on GS chat support, I realized what gave me trouble previously and checked off the Standard Fields setting, and VOILA - emails could be previewed.

No error messages presented themselves, and this setting was not indicated anywhere in the guidance of a Program or a Survey Model. Incredibly frustrating having a hang up like this without any indication as to what the problem is.