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Thu, Aug 10, 2017 3:04 PM

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Customization of "Partially Saved" survey responses

While we love the ability to capture these partially saved survey responses, I have gotten the suggestion from a few customers that we need to have some kind of customization to this process. Here is a specific use case that customers have asked for. 

Question 1 - NPS (Mandatory)
Question 2 - NPS comments
Question 3 - Referral? (Mandatory)
Question 4 - What type of referral

What we are seeing is that even though questions 1&3 are mandatory, if someone logs in and fills out the answers to 2&4 and the partial save kicks in, it will save that response. When clicking on the survey, the unanswered questions don't even show up. The concern from the customer was that something was incorrect on the survey configuration. Furthermore, another customer is driving downstream processes (like creating escalations) using things like rules engine. 

My Ask: Can we give the user the option to not save the survey (maybe send a reminder email first) if required fields are not filled out or give the user the ability to customize what does and doesn't trigger a partial save.