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Fri, Dec 14, 2018 12:38 AM

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Creating CTA based off of low healthscores


I could really use some help on creating the logic to trigger this CTA.

Goal: To fire CTA if the account has had 3 months in a row of 'risky' healthscores. For our instance, I am just trying to look at the overall score instead of each individual measure. So, if the overall score for the account was under '40' for 3 consecutive months, I would like to fire a CTA for the CSM.

I'm working off of the Account Scorecard History MDA object. The current problem I am having is that the logic will pull in accounts that have had a 'risk' healthscore at least once in the previous 3 months but otherwise have been above that. So, I don't want to fire the CTA for these accounts.

I think I need to use a few more steps in the rule but unsure on how to proceed. Is there a Transformation task I could leverage which would look for that healthscore to be risky for 3 straight months?

Any help would be appreciated!!