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Mon, Aug 26, 2019 4:56 PM

Not Planned

Allow in use CTA Reasons to be deactivated

There is currently an "Active" checkbox for CTA Reasons, however once the reason has been applied to a CTA it cannot be disabled. It would be great for this checkbox to allow for the reason to show/not show when creating a CTA.

The problem:

When implementing Gainsight we didn't fully map out all CTA Types and associated Reasons. Now we have a long list of irrelevant Reasons available to 'All' CTA Types. This makes reporting difficult and the end user experience poor as there are too many options, many of which are irrelevant for the CTA Type selected. I've also been looking into Mass Edit, however there is no way to update the CTA Types on existing CTA's, so I cannot align types/reasons as needed.