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  • 20 August 2021
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Hi all

I have been asked to look into GS admin training, our other GS admin has left.  there are two of us that are going to be doing this and I’ve started on the online and now I’m stuck as I don’t have the Sandbox etc.  is there any online video tutorials or instructor lead UK time?  Again, I looked at the availability of the instructor lead and nothing until October 21

2 replies

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@Tracy Pickup sorry for the inconvenience, I will get you some help on this.

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Hey Tracy, welcome to Gainsight! It looks like you got access to a training environment, so you can continue the elearning courses. Our September instructor-led courses did recently fill up. We don’t have UK-time zone specific trainings at this point. You will find a lot of specific use case examples referenced in the elearning courses, which are helpful for practicing and exploring in the training environment. You can also search the community for “admin tutorials” for more resources.