Welcome to the Gainsight GameChanger Community!

Welcome to the Gainsight GameChanger Community!
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Welcome to the Gainsight GameChanger Community! We’re still the same community you turn to for help, ideas, and knowledge sharing - now with a new look and more ways to celebrate you!    

The dictionary definition of a GameChanger is an event, idea, or procedure that affects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something. Being a Gainsight customer by our definition means you are a GameChanger!  

The Gainsight GameChanger Community is all about creating success for all Gainsight customers. Collectively we can inspire and push each other to new heights, learn and grow together, and now connect more than ever. We hope you’ll get active by joining the conversation online, sharing your wins, and helping others change the game. 



How Have You Changed the Game? 


We’re also excited to announce the launch of our GameChanger VIP program for the Gainsight customers who have changed the game completely for their companies, achieving amazing success as a result of their boldness and willingness to challenge the status quo.

On a quarterly basis, customers will be invited to share their Gainsight success stories to be inducted into this exclusive group of VIPs. Being a VIP means one of a kind swag, a snazzy profile badge, and opportunities to showcase your achievements in podcasts, blogs, Gainsight’s social networks, and events like Pulse Everywhere. We will be announcing our inaugural GameChanger VIPs in the coming weeks, and make sure to watch out for more information on how you can become a GameChanger VIP in July!  


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