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I have been involved a large part of my career in promoting the best use of virtual communities. I would like to praise Gainsight and this community's members on what you are doing here: this community is vibrant and resourceful.

I recall at Pulse 2017, the product managers confirming they are actively involved in the community. That's the cornerstone of its success. You've answered questions on how to do things that are not so obvious. You inspired your product map from the ideas from this blog. Support has been exposing enhancements they come across in this community for buy-in. You started to publish periodic lists of your plans with these suggestions and more recently, you are closing the loop as the functionalities get delivered. We feel a sense of progression.

The drumbeat of this community: community participants helping each other. I am starting to see practices being discussed, much beyond the how or the features talk. I am sure many of the regular contributors made the point of connecting at Pulse last week!

Beyond the Spotlight highlighting important announcements for all, thread registration lets us focus on the specialties we are interested in. In a product with broad scope like Gainsight, this cuts down on the noise that can dilute our interest. It also improves the chances of a communication raised to our attention, will be helpful. I would say I get at least one great tip a week that pays off now or in the coming month!

My only suggestions would be to improve our ability to drill on the great content that is cumulating in two ways. The ability to scroll through the content by popularity (number of views, appreciation or responses), would be great for catching up and expanding our use. As well, text search would be improved if we were able to filter out automatically those outdated 2 or 3 year old posts.

Great job Gainsight and community members!

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​​@diane_morneau Thanks for your valueable feedback and sorry for the inconvenence caused. Great to hear the feedback from you on Gainsight Community. Your feedback is valuable for us, we will definitey consider your feedback and improve the search.

​Thanks for posting!

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Hi Diane,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your praise and feedback! It means a lot to us that you value our Community. It also energizes us to keep making it even more awesome! :)

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Thanks for being a valuable member of the community yourself @diane_morneau ! We appreciate your participation and contributions!