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I love the community and enjoy the growth of activity over the past several months.

It would be nice if I had more options on email notifications on posts/topics as subscribing will send whenever there is a new post on the topic or comment on post.

I would like to option of having a daily digest of activity or summary rather than receive a separate email for each activity. I would like to have the ability to select which topics I would prefer to see all activity and which ones I’d only like a daily or weekly update.

Not sure if this is possible in the platform as it doesn’t appear to be in Profile Settings.

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Thanks for the feedback, John! I’ll pass it along to our community vendor, and let you know if these enhancements are planned.

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I voted for this enhancement on our vendor’s own community :wink: , but it doesn’t appear to be planned at the moment. I’ll let you know if I hear an update!

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I’m very tempted to remove myself from the Gainsight Community notifications altogether because there is not a daily (or weekly) digest option.  And I’m a new customer who really needs to stay connected here through my implementation.  You all are sending me WAY too many emails with each individual submission that comes through on a topic of interest.

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Hello @susan_parker, apologies about this. We understand that the constant notifications could be disturbing, please allow me sometime while I work in the back end to check if the notification option has more options.