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  • 18 October 2018
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Gainsight’s Community Team has been hard at work the last several months to make some exciting new improvements to the Community! One of the changes you might notice is your new badge! As you progress through the various levels of participation, you will receive a new badge. Helping others on the Community and earning points can lead to some really cool prizes like Gainsight swag,.gift cards, and other surprises!



On our old platform, Champion status was the only level available for special recognition and reward. If you were a Champion before, you might notice the trophy icon no longer displays next to your name. There are now 11 levels, and Champion is the 5th badge, because we didn’t want to limit the rewards and recognition to just one achievement. The new system allows us to recognize members at various points in their journey! Be proud of your new badge and new status among other members; you’ve earned it!

Check out the Community Leaderboard to see how awesome our Community members are! Below are the new badges you can earn and the various ways to earn points on the improved Community.





Badges are awarded based on your all time point attainment. When you earn a new badge, it is displayed next to your posts, on your profile, and other places where your name appears. Badges are a quick way to convey your reputation to fellow Community members.

By earning points and reaching new badge levels, or as a winner of our periodic contests, you have the chance to receive cool Gainsight swag,.gift cards, and access to other unique Gainsight event opportunities!

Here are the four ways you can earn points, all badge levels and their descriptions:


+50 points - Join the Community

+20 points - Create a New Discussion Post

+10 points - Comment or Reply on a Post

 +2 points - Like a Post or Comment




Default [0 - 99 points]

Welcome to the Gainsight Community! Thank you for joining, we cannot wait for you to begin contributing to the lively conversations already taking place and to start your own!Shoshin is one of Gainsight’s core values. It is a word from Buddhism that means'Beginner's Mind'. "[A beginner's mind] does not mean closed mind, but actually an empty mind and a ready mind. If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything. It is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities; in the expert's mind there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki.


  Gainsight Rookie

Level 1 [100 - 499 points]

Congratulations, you are now a Gainsight Rookie! We hope that you have gotten your bearings and we are excited to see your involvement in the Community blossom from here. Keep posting, sharing, coming up with ideas, helping others, and being creative! Remember that each member started at the same level as you. Keep a Shoshin mind and always reach out when you need help and you will be thriving in no time! The Community is here to help you along and hopefully one day you will enjoy giving back to the next round of Gainsight Rookies!



  Veteran Rookie

Level 2 [500 - 999 points]

Being a Veteran Rookie means embracing all the times you tried something new and dominated! Keep learning how to become a Veteran with the new and handle change like a pro! A few quotes that illustrate the Veteran Rookie concept from our CEO, Nick Mehta: "Each time a new person joins Gainsight, it's a new company...You have something we don't have." and "Every time I join a new team, I get to start out as a rookie all over again – and that’s amazing." Each person brings something new and coming in with a Shoshin mind will ensure success!


  Team Captain

Level 3 [1000 - 1499 points]

Vigorous, talented, capable, and striving for excellence! These are all qualities you possess that have lead to your success in the Community! Your vigorous contributions have proved your talents through Gainsight are capable of creating excellence. (See what we did there?) That excellence is now accessible to all Gainsight Community members present and future. What an amazing impact YOU have made!




Level 4 [1500 - 2999 Points]

As a Champion, you have gone above and beyond to help achieve one of our core values, Success for All! Success for All at Gainsight is believing in a tireless pursuit of balancing success for our customers, teammates, families, investors, and community. Without active community members like you, we would not be able to achieve this goal! YOU make a difference in the Community!




Level 5 [3000 - 4499 points]

Hey now, you just became an All-Star! All Stars are known for their outstanding performance, and in the sports world, are awarded this title after being recognized by peers. Your Community involvement has earned likes and comments from many other members! As an All-Star, the Community recognizes your contributions and thanks you for being awesome!



  MVP = Most Vocal Poster

Level6 [4500 - 5999 points]

As an MVP, you have posted, replied, liked, and commented your way to the top! All your hard work has brought you from a Champion to an MVP. The Community is a better place because of YOU! Don't stop now, keep pushing for the next level of success!



Level 7 [6000 - 7499 points]

Olympic success requires determination, practice, goal-setting, and consistency. These are also the key ingredients to Community success. Being an active Community member takes trial and error to find solutions and determination to research answers and share insight. You have a long history of contributions on the Community that led to your Olympic status, and for that we applaud and you!


  Golden Ruler

Level 8 [7500 - 9999 points]

The good ol’ fashion Golden Rule: Treat people the way you want to be treated. (Which also happens to be a Gainsight company value.) As a Golden Ruler, you have helped others succeed by answering questions, coming up with new ideas, and problem solving. You have paved the way for yours and others’ success by generously sharing your knowledge and experience. YOU RULE!


  “ACE” = Astonishing Community Engagement

Level 9 [10000 - 14999 points]

Your astonishing community engagement has had an incredible impact on the Community and you’ve exceeded any and all expectations for Community involvement. Your time and dedication to the Community is more than appreciated, it is Wayne's-World-Style "We're not worthy" appreciated! From all of us at Gainsight, Thank you for all you do!


  Grand Slammer

Level 10 [15000+ points]

You are the cream of the crop! The head honcho! The leader of the pack! Your hard work, dedication, and determination helped you grand slam your way to the top spots on the leaderboard chart! Congratulations on this highly prestigious award! You have a tremendously positive impact on the current and future members of the Community and for that, we say THANK YOU!

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