Gainsight Next Administrator Certification

  • 31 May 2020
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Hi Folks,

I will be attempting Gainsight NXT Admin certification on 25th June. I have some Salesforce Background and I am a Salesforce Certified Advance Administrator and has been using Gainsight for a while now. 

I just wanted to know if there are any other study material/Test questions that I can go through apart from Admin Training for NXT and Study Guide ?


Thank you in Advance for all your inputs!


Best Regards,

Ajit Shukla

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Hey Ajit sorry I saw this too late and I hope the exam went well! For anyone else who might stumble upon this, I took the SFDC version in March and the NXT version in June. I found them quite similar, with some focus on the key capabilities that are there in NXT, but the questions weren't like Salesforce Admin, where they specifically look for the differences between Classic and Lightning.